FLAD’s mission is to contribute to the country’s economic and social development through cooperation with the USA. Throughout its existence, the Foundation has backed several projects involving scientific institutions, universities, associations, companies and civil society organizations from Portugal and the United States of America.

The Government of the Autonomous Region of Portugal is offering a cocktail at Quinta Vigia, a historical place and official residence of the President of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

The Câmara Municipal do Funchal is offering a cocktail at de Salão Nobre of the Town Hall.

Springer is a leading global scientific, technical and medical portfolio, providing researchers in academia, scientific institutions and corporate R&D departments with quality content through innovative information, products and services. Springer will provide financial support for the ICIDS 2017 Best Paper Award.

The Portuguese Foundation of Science and Technology (FCT) sponsors the Collaboratory for Emerging Technologies (CoLab) initiative as part of the UT Austin|Portugal Program to increase academic programs and research in emerging technologies across the nation of Portugal.

Beanstalk is a multidisciplinary project team created at the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute, in partnership with the Associação de Promoção da Madeira (AP Madeira). Beanstalk is a MADEIRA14-20 FEDER funded project, with the collaboration of the Madeira Promotion Bureau (AP Madeira).

Prof. Rebecca Rouse, the winner of the ICIDS-2016 Best Paper Award “Media of Attraction: A Media Archeology Approach to Panoramas, Kinematography, Mixed Reality and Beyond” is donating her Springer Prize to help students join us in Madeira at the 2017 edition of ICIDS.

The 10th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS-2017) seeks sponsorship to help ensure that this conference remains the premier venue for research advances in technologies at the intersection of narrative, computing, and human-computer interaction. Sponsorship at all levels is welcome. Please contact the ICIDS’17 Local Chairs, Deborah Castro and Cláudia Silva at icids2017 [at] m-iti [dot] org



ICIDS2017 is developed in partnership with the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI), Instituto de Desenvolvimento Regional (IDR), Associação de Promoção da Região Autónoma da Madeira (AP Madeira), Câmara Municipal do Funchal (CMF) and Aeroportos e Navegação Aérea de Portugal (ANA).